Friday, January 25, 2013


My blog has led another cousin whom I have never met to me,yea !!
This is Laura (second from left) she is my dad's sister Hattie's great granddaughter. I remember her mom (Janet) pictured second from right when we were younger.
When we were growing up we would go to Forest City to visit dad's sister and  three nieces who lived around there.
In this picture my dad's sister Hattie Beddingfield (second from right) with her three daughters from left Eula (Janet's mom), Ollie and Geneva.
I have very fond memories of all these ladies. Eula I remember always appealed to me as she was tall and had white hair that  was always perfectly groomed. Ollie was the funny one,always laughing and seemed so carefree. Geneva was the grandmotherly type and had the kindest eyes and always a smiling face.  All these ladies are now together again with their Heavenly Father.
This next photo is my dad (far right) in front of his 55 oldsmobile with  Janet as a young girl with her dad Rebon,mother Eula,Bobbie (Ollie's daughter) in front of Ollie and Hattie along with my dad's dog Jack waiting to see what my dad is getting from his pocket.
I have a copy of this picture but had no names except for dad and Hattie so now I know the rest.
She also sent me these pictures of my dad and mom sometime about mid 1981. In this first one my mom and dad are with Laura's family.
And this last one is just of my mom,Goldie and dad,Bob which must have been taken just about a month before he died. I am so glad to see these pics !
I am so grateful I started blogging as it has brought me so much joy over newly found relatives.

I need to find more time to research more and hopefully I can get some of that done and post more regularly on here.

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